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Personalized - Nexus Conference Briefcase
BrandHK Star Product!

As low as HK$ 62.00

Min Order: 25 pcs

Personalized - Mobile Holder

As low as HK$ 7.50

Min Order: 500 pcs

Personalized - Smartphone Case

As low as HK$ 13.00

Min Order: 250 pcs

Personalized - Smartphone Holder with Strap

As low as HK$ 12.50

Min Order: 250 pcs

Personalized - Smartphone Dashboard Holder

As low as HK$ 10.20

Min Order: 250 pcs

Personalized - Tablet/ipad stand

As low as HK$ 4.50

Min Order: 1000 pcs

Personalized - iPad sleeve

As low as HK$ 21.00

Min Order: 150 pcs

Personalized - Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

As low as HK$ 32.00

Min Order: 250 pcs

Personalized - Elite Reversible Computer Sleeve

As low as HK$ 41.00

Min Order: 250 pcs

Personalized - The Vespa Computer Bag

As low as HK$ 41.00

Min Order: 250 pcs

Personalized - Smartphone Holder

As low as HK$ 19.00

Min Order: 250 pcs

Personalized - Nexus Executive Slimline Briefcase

As low as HK$ 44.00

Min Order: 250 pcs

Personalized - Nexus Computer Bag

As low as HK$ 104.00

Min Order: 250 pcs

Personalized - Mobile pouch with carabiner

As low as HK$ 10.50

Min Order: 500 pcs

Personalized - Ipad stand

As low as HK$ 5.00

Min Order: 500 pcs

Personalized - Stand with earphone wrap

As low as HK$ 4.00

Min Order: 1000 pcs

Personalized - Dual Computer Brush

As low as HK$ 6.00

Min Order: 500 pcs

Personalized - Silicone iphone holder with horn

As low as HK$ 15.00

Min Order: 300 pcs

Personalized - Mobile Pouch

As low as HK$ 7.00

Min Order: 500 pcs

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Computer & Phone Bags and Cases

Stylish cases, bags and carriers for any kind of technology - iPhones, iPads, laptops, CDs and more. Our range has something for any budget and promotion. Neoprene offers superb value for a limited budget, with bright vibrant colors and crisp logo reproduction. Alternatively, classic conference bags make handy laptop cases.


例如: iPhone手機,ipad平板電腦,個人電腦筆記本,光碟等等產品。“香港品牌”有不同價格系列的產品袋切合您的預算和推廣。特別推介氯丁橡膠的產品有不同顏色尺碼可供選擇。另外,也可以為客戶提供傳統的會議袋,或筆記本電腦手提包。

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